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Making Your Legal and Medical Services Available to Everyone

In a court of law or a doctor's office, faithful, accurate interpretations are of critical importance. Certified Translation Services offers a full range of medical and legal translation and interpreting services to firms and practices all over the nation. Whether you need someone to communicate for a witness or perform as a medical interpreter or translate important documents, we have dedicated personnel with years of experience. Paying attention to details is the main focus for everyone who works for us.

Medical Record

True and Accurate Legal Interpretations

The minute details could mean the difference between success and failure in a court of law. Our interpreters are accurate and professional. We know how to communicate the intricacies of your case to witnesses, clients, and attorneys. We have worked with large and small law firms to translate a variety of documents, including:

Summons | Judicial Briefs | Depositions | Complaints | Immigration Documents | Court Orders

Treating People of Global Nationalities

Expecting hospital staff and medical professionals to be able to speak multiple languages is unrealistic and unnecessary. Through the combination of linguistic fluency and medical expertise, our translators and interpreters ensure complex medical or pharmaceutical information will be communicated in an understandable manner to your patients. We always work within the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) while translating such items as:

Medical Records | Patient Information | Admission Forms | Human Resources Documents | Personal Documents | International Videos | Lab Tests | Discharge Data | Medical Brochures | Prescriptions | Appointment Scheduling | Equipment Manuals | Financial Data | Procedure Manuals | Insurance Forms | HIPAA Compliance